Glock Talk and Other Frame Terms

So I have been asked many times, "What is an undercut?", "What if my frame is Cerakoted?", "Why would someone want that?" So here is some info to help you make your Glock or other poly frame gun exactly how you want it!

Grip Chop - This would be someone cutting a magazine well to fit a smaller model magazine. This is commonly done on a Glock 17 to fit Glock 19 Magazines. This makes the gun more concealable (slightly) while maintaining the longer barrel.

Trigger Guard Undercut - This cut that is done on the bottom side of the trigger guard as a point to rest your non-shooting hand trigger finger. 

(see photo below)

"Glock" Knuckle Undercut - This cut allows for a higher and more controllable grip of the pistol. On Glock models, you can also get an irritating rub on your knuckle without this cut.  (see photo below)

Index Points- These are textured points near the front of the frame that provide the shooter a point to rest a non-shooting hand thumb, or a point to index your trigger finger on when at the ready. My index points are recessed and can be used as Accelerator cuts are used.

(see photo below)

Accelerator Cut - This is alternative to the Index Point. This cut allows the shooter to press down with the non-shooting hand's thumb to mitigate recoil and return to target faster. Most accelerator cuts are not textured but can be. Again, my index points are recessed so they do offer the same function as an accelerator cut.

(See photo below of work in progress accelerator cut)

Finger Groove Removal - This is exactly what is sounds like. Older generations of Glocks (3 & 4) come with finger grooves that a lot of folks feel don't fit their hands. My customers