The CZ Bren 2 Ms

The Run Down

The CZ Bren 2 is quickly becoming very popular in the firearms community. Not only is it leagues ahead of its predecessor, the Bren 805, and making a stand as a “SCAR killer,” this firearm is also facing off with one of the world’s most popular weapon platforms.

The Bren 2 Ms is offered in both 7.62x39mm and 5.56x45mm NATO. I knew that I wanted to stay with the 5.56, which meant I had to choose between an 8.26, an 11.14, or a 14.17-inch barrel. This was a very hard choice for me. I am a firm believer in the 11.5-inch barrel when it comes to 5.56x45mm. I truly believe this is a great middle ground barrel length when used with .223/5.56. With most M193 shelf rounds and an 11.5-inch barrel, you’re still cruising around 2800-2900 FPS. However, with an 8-inch barrel you’re looking at around 2500-2600 ft/s. I had to decide if compactness was worth the loss of 300 ft/s. Since I was planning on running this gun mainly suppressed and taking it on some road trips, I settled on the 8.26-inch model.

At a street price around $1750, I was a little hesitant about buying the Bren 2. However, upon receiving the Bren 2, I was pleasantly surprised with how feature-rich this firearm was out-of-the-box. Some awesome features and accessories included;

- Two 30-round windowed magazines (essentially CZ branded PMAGS)

- Cleaning and Maintenance kit in a laser cut MOLLE pouch (by far the nicest cleaning kit I have ever received with a firearm)

- In-the-trigger bolt release (much like a Magpul B.A.D. lever)

- 3-position adjustable piston (standard, adverse conditions, off)

- 45-degree ambidextrous safety

- Ambidextrous magazine release (placed perfectly for tactical reloads)

- 2.6 lb. stock trigger

- Folding, adjustable, luminescent sights (2 illuminated dots in the rear, 1 illuminated dot in the front)

- Non-reciprocating, ambidextrous side charging handle that maintains a forward assist function

Pains and Complaints

- I was bummed to see that the Bren 2 did not include an SB Tactical brace of any kind, but it does come ready for any AR platform buffer tube and stock (if you plan on doing a form 1) or brace.

- There is a wobble between the receiver and endcap. This wobble can be easily compared to the wobble between upper and lower AR receivers, and can be “fixed” with a small washer. However, I did not see an effect in accuracy or function with the wobble.

- The fore-end rail only includes o