Who am I?

I have always been fascinated with firearms. I didn’t grow up hunting or shooting, I wasn’t raised by a champion shooter or even a gunsmith. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon (a city that hates guns, in a state that loves guns). I got my introduction into shooting when I was in Boy Scouts. At camp, I spent every moment I could at the .22LR range. I was hooked.

So, as soon as I was 16, driving out to the woods to shoot with my older brothers became a regular thing. My oldest brother became an FMF Corpsman and was taught to shoot by the Marines. My other brother joined the Air Force and became the Crew Chief for an A-10. I, myself, wanted to dive deeper into how to shoot guns not only skillfully, but as well as practically. I enlisted as a rifleman in the Marine Corps. There I learned how to “properly” shoot a rifle and pistol both on a static range and in dynamic situations. I became a company armorer and then learned how to care for and maintain those rifles and pistols. Soon after that, I became a coach on the rifle and pistol range and taught other Marines these skills.

After my time in the Marine Corps, my wife and I decided it was time to return to Oregon with our new son.

It was time to decide what I wanted to do with my life. I went with what I was interested in, guns. I enrolled at Sonoran Desert Institute and completed their Associate’s in Firearms Technology. After that, I decided to do another Associate’s in Business. I started a small gunsmithing business called Broken Top Solutions. I have had the pleasure of working on many firearms becoming more and more enriched with their histories and brilliant engineering.

Since my journey into firearms, I have been blessed to have experience with firearms in overseas deployment, competition, hunting, and everyday carry settings. I have explored many options into parts, gear, and accessories and have now found myself with a wealth of knowledge on such things. As of now I am a stay home dad and have to make dollars stretch, so I am always looking for what the “best bang for your buck” is. All my opinions are completely unbiased and written from a perspective that hopes most “average Joes” like myself can read with confidence. So please read on, tell me what you think, and happy shooting!