If the frame you are sending has been worked on before, please send photos of the frame to info@brokentopsolutions.com

We will let you know ASAP if your frame is abled to be repaired and reworked. If we are able to rework your frame you will need to purchase this reworking package.

Because of the previous work or damage to the frame, the patterns available may be limited.


Our price includes optional:

-Reworking of your frame

-Index point texturing

-Knuckle Undercut

-Trigger Guard Undercut

-Finger groove Removal

-Logo Removal


When you're ready to go, pack up your frame and mail to: Broken Top Solutions LLC 554 Sweet Gum Lane Eugene, OR 97401


Once you have sent your frame, please email your tracking number to info@brokentopsolutions.com


We'll have it back to you shortly! Thanks!


If you have any questions please read our Glock Talk and Other Frame Terms here or send us and email at info@brokentopsolutions.com


Reworking Package